Layne Builders Residential Design Fee Schedule

Before you begin any journey it is nice to have an idea of what it is going to cost. This is especially true when considering something as personal as buying a home in eastern Tennessee.

The Schematic Design Plan is the critical creative part of your design. It includes;

Step 1 – The Preliminary Plan

  • Initial meeting and discussion with the designer to review your wants and dislikes.
  • A  preliminary draft floor plan is designed with Chief Architect using computerized drafting software, using the initial layout provided by you with your modifications.
    • It also includes the creation of the architectural style for the facade or “Front Elevation”, which reflects the designer’s creativity and your aesthetic vision.

Step 2 – The Final Plan

  • At this point, there will be a review meeting with the builder to discuss modifications.
  • There will also be a final review with the designer to review all the modifications.
  • After all parties are in full understanding/agreement of any modifications, a final draft plan can be established. These plans do not include any structural engineering. Once the final draft is created, a final working budget will be established which includes over 200 line items of costs broken down into individual categories.

Step 3 – The Construction Plan or Permit Plan

  • A final plan with all the necessary requirements for the local and state building codes department requirements to obtain a permit.
  • If any changes are made beyond this point, it is considered a change request or change order.

Cost for the DESIGN

Our Standard Quality Design Service gives you a completed Schematic Design in 5 weeks.

Size of House Cost per Square Foot of Covered Area
5,000 square feet & above $ 0.75 per square foot
3,000 to 4,999 square feet $ 0.80 per square foot
1,000 to 2,999 square feet $ 0.90 per square foot

The per square foot cost of designing a smaller house is higher due to the increased effort necessary to create an efficient design in a constrained area. Our fees (per square foot) are lowest for homes that are greater than 5,000 square feet.

All area calculations are “under roof” including; heated space and all covered porches, covered balconies, garages, gazebos, storage areas, etc. but not including open patios, open decks, and attic.


After we have gone through Step 2 the Final Plan and you decide to make further revisions, there will be a fee based on how extensive the revision is and how far we are along in producing the final plans and elevations. There will never be additional charges or work without your written approval of this work.


Unlike many builders, we believe that we should not receive the total amount of the design fees until the client has seen significant progress. Accordingly, we ask fifty percent (50%) of the quoted fees in advance, with the final payment of fifty percent due upon receipt of the approved Final Plan. After receipt of the 2nd half payment, we will proceed to complete and deliver the Construction Plan or Permit Plan


We also include with the design a very compressive Construction Cost Estimate in MS Excel so you can easily add, remove or modify any cost item plus have a realistic working budget all thru your construction. The Construction Estimate will give you a current reflection of what is remaining in the budget so you can keep a close eye on your spending and as the construction process proceeds we will review this budget at each progress payment.
This is a huge benefit to every home owner building a new home.


  • Structural Engineering computations are required for any home over 5,000 sq ft and the signing of the plans by a Structural Engineer. Also, this may be required due to sloping terrain, soil conditions, seismic environment, snow, rain or wind loading environment or by the use of non-standard structural design, e.g.  Cantilever, pre and post-tensioned structural elements for long unsupported spans. There may also be other conditions that make it advisable or mandatory to use a structural engineer for the structural design. These fees are typically $1.00 to $3.00 per square foot of covered area.
  • Site plan
  • Walk Thru
  • Renderings


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